Artwork Requirements

Artwork General Information

Files must be in vector format with all fonts converted to outlines, curves or paths.

Bitmap files must be reviewed and approved by Art Department and may require an art charge.

Photocopies emailed art, sketches, stationary, business cards, and other imprinted products are not considered sufficient print-ready art and may be subject to an art charge.

Logo Pros reserves the right to reject any art that is not considered print ready. Art adjustments and recreations are charged $30 to convert for print, which is quoted before production begins.


Our friendly and knowledgeable art department can handle all of your graphics needs.

If you do not have camera ready art our art department will be happy to create an image or logo for you.

If you have your own art to provide, it must meet our requirements that are outlined below.

If we receive artwork that does not meet our requirements, there will be an art edit fee depending on the complexity of the correction.

Minimum specifications are required to achieve good print results. Please follow the instruction below.

Digital artwork must be submitted in accepted formats only:
• All files must be in .EPS or .PDF format.
• All fonts must be converted to outlines.
• All colors must be converted to CYMK or Pantone numbers.
• Please submit files with images SIZED for printing.

Placing a scanned image (or an image created in another program) into an illustrator file does not make the file a vector image.

Applications NOT Accepted:
The following programs do not allow us to create proper separations:
• WORD or any word processing program.

Production Time
Standard production time is 7-10 working days from receipt of order and camera-ready artwork by Logo Pros after proof approval.

Orders pending Pre-Production Proofs, artwork, credit approval, pre-payment, or special packaging may delay and extend ship date.

Any changes to an order in progress and/or art revisions will delay production and ship dates.

When orders are embellished to customer´s specifications, the customer shall hold Logo Pros harmless from any liability for trademark, patent or copyright infringements, proprietary rights violations, invasion of privacy or other personal or intellectual property rights infringements or violations. All materials submitted by the customer for use by Logo Pros to embellish or items ordered are considered by Logo Pros to be in full compliance with all applicable laws in regards to trademark, service mark, copyright, patent, or similar protection, and the customer has all of the legal rights and authorizations to grant Logo Pros a limited license for the express purpose of embellishing such items. It is the customer´s responsibility to provide appropriate legal lines to Logo Pros for inclusion in the art.